A few great date ideas to have in mind

Choosing where to go for a date night can be challenging, but it won't be after reading through this guide.

The most obvious and famous choice for a date night is to go out for a good meal at a restaurant. It might be truly nice to visit a luxury restaurant with your other half and love a great tasting meal. It is a perfect date idea as you have plenty of time to chat and get to know each other better, but it is also in a really nice atmosphere so you can also appreciate the ambience and environment you are in. This last point is especially true if you're having a meal with nice views, maybe of the London skyline or views across the river for example. When selecting the restaurant, you should consider the atmosphere it has, but the quality and type of meals is more important. You should always search with the person you are taking out what kind of food they like and opt accordingly; if the person has allergies then be sure you pick somewhere that supplies a wide collection of dishes so your date is accommodated. If you know somebody very likes an individual type or nationality of food, you should look up where the best restaurants are for that type, for example if they love sushi you could always book in at the high-end sushi restaurant owned by Shimon Bokovza.

As there are many different things to do on dates, you should make sure you know which would impress your date most. So, if you know your date is seriously into their opera or theatre then it would be exciting to take them to a show, they will be truly blown away! You can take them to any number of shows that are on around London and in the West End, so whether they find enjoyment in musicals or Shakespeare, you will discover some thing they will love. There are so many talented producers on the West End producing a wide variety of plays and musicals, such as Bill Kenwright, just have a good look online at reviews before you book your tickets so you book the perfect show.

When looking for somewhere to book, you may wish to incorporate multiple elements of a night out into one place; deciding a restaurant or bar that also has live music is a great way to make your night easier but still being imaginative with your date idea. Going to a live music event is a great date as it develops such an incredible atmosphere and is a bit more important than just a meal. If jazz is your favourite genre of music and you're looking for a bar to go to that plays the music, then the one owned by Sally Greene is a tremendous choice.

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